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High quality service, extremely professional, friendly, and personable!

“I love Dr. Wade and his staff! They feel like family and show a genuine interest in the life of the patient and their care. I would recommend Wade Orthodontics to every person considering orthodontia treatment.” — Sandy M.

Incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and super friendly

“As an adult embarking upon life with braces to correct a significant overbite, I was nervous! Over the years, I had received varying corrective approaches from different orthodontists, and I didn’t want to opt for a ‘wrong way.’ Immediately, Dr. Wade’s staff made me comfortable with their professionalism, and Dr. Wade patiently answered all of my questions and concerns before beginning treatment. Each and every appointment over the course of more than two years was timely, professional, and he and all members of his staff were consistently pleasant and skilled. Dr. Wade gave me a beautiful smile, and I hold his expertise as an orthodontist in the highest regard. Thanks, Dr. Wade and team!” — Sarah N.

“Two kids in braces with Wade Orthodontics. We couldn’t be happier.” — Stephanie P.

Issue fixed with lightning speed!

“We had an issue we needed to have resolved. We obtained an appointment quickly and the issue was resolved in less than five minutes, allowing us to get on with our day! Thanks!” — LeeAnn S.

Friendly, relaxed, professional, every time

“Now on my third child with Dr. Wade, and the fourth soon to be there. Entire staff works like a well-oiled machine, and they are all smiling and professional, and in my experience, always on time. Most importantly, everyone, including Dr. Wade, is relaxed and friendly. Dr. Wade never seems rushed, but you feel like he really knows his stuff and keeps you in the loop with what is going on. Great way to run a practice.” — David H.

“My daughter wasn’t very excited about getting braces but when we arrived every single person we had contact with treated us like gold. I can’t recall a place where everyone is as nice as Dr. Wade and his staff. Thank you so much, and we are looking forward to our future appointments. Will recommend to everyone!” — Marcie T.

“A positive experience from the first consultation until the last visit! There was a reason we traveled from Chillicothe to Columbus! Every staff member was ultimately professional and friendly. Very understanding to individual circumstances. On a five-star scale, Wade Orthodontics definitely gets a perfect ten!” — Catherine J.

“Our family’s journey with Wade Orthodontics actually began 17½ years ago.

“In 1997, our oldest son started treatment with Dr. Davis, who quickly became our much-loved orthodontist. Our second and third child also received stupendous orthodontic care with Dr. Davis.

“In 2004, as our third child was being treated, Dr. Davis was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, much to our dismay and deep grief. Knowing he could no longer continue in practice, Dr. Davis, whose love and care for his patients as well as his staff were obvious, began his search for an orthodontist who would inherit his practice. This new orthodontist had to meet stringent, high standards in order to qualify as Dr. Davis’s successor: devoted, knowledgeable, competent, trustworthy, attentive, sensitive to the needs of his patients, as well as committed to the care and well-being of his beloved staff.

“In 2005, Dr. Wade became our new orthodontist. For the successor to Dr. Davis, my expectations were very high. Living in Athens, my family and I travel an hour and a half to Columbus; I was accustomed to superior treatment. I can wholeheartedly say that Dr. Wade has met and surpassed the expectations my husband, children, and I had! In addition to my fourth and fifth child, I, too, have been under his orthodontic care!

“The same staff that assisted Dr. Davis continues to this day with Dr. Wade. This dedication and loyalty speak highly of Dr. Wade who has proven to be a caring, thoughtful, and generous employer. They are a fantastic group of individuals whose passion for their job and one another is evident. Their sense of camaraderie contributes to a family-friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

“I love Dr. Wade and his entire staff and never miss an opportunity to recommend him to anyone in need of orthodontic care!” — Sylvia D.